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ESPN Cover, Naomi Osaka

Typography | Magazine Design | Photoshop
ESPN Magazine: Naomi Osaka stacks
ESPN Cover, Naomi Osaka (2021) is an ESPN Magazine cover I designed featuring multi-time Grand Slam singles champion Naomi Osaka. I chose Osaka because of her perseverance, advocating for her mental health over competing in the US Open in the face of media criticism. The design includes a collage of Osaka from various matches, along with two custom typefaces I created, "Loop-de-Loop" and "Beacon."


Loop-de-Loop typeface
Loop-de-Loop A
Loop-de-Loop B
Loop-de-Loop C
Loop-de-Loop 1
Loop-de-Loop 2
Loop-de-Loop 3
Beacon typeface
Beacon A
Beacon B
Beacon C
Beacon 1
Beacon 2
Beacon 3


ESPN cover sketches
ESPN cover sketches
ESPN cover sketches
ESPN cover sketches

Cover Iterations

Initial ESPN cover design
Revised ESPN cover design


ESPN Magazine: Naomi Osaka top-down
ESPN Magazine: Naomi Osaka stacked