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Joy Diaries & Pleasure Altars

Film Photography | B&W Photography
Joy Diaries & Pleasure Altars poster
Joy Diaries & Pleasure Altars (2022) are a photographic miniseries dedicated to things that make me happy that I captured on 35mm B&W film. Consisting primarily of staged and a few spontaneous shots, this series showcases both people I like to spend time with and activities I enjoy doing.

Joy Diaries

Joy Diaries, Green & Sixth
Joy Diaries, W.O.R.D.
Joy Diaries, Textile Lab with Val
Joy Diaries, Noble Hall
Joy Diaries, Valentine
Joy Diaries, Burning Up
Joy Diaries, Posing

Pleasure Altars

Pleasure Altars, Cleaning Cabinet
Pleasure Altars, Digital Artist
Pleasure Altars, The Studio
Pleasure Altars, Penne Marinara