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Unforgotten: Stop the Erasure

Interactive Web Design | P5.js | Digital Illustration | Photoshop
Unforgotten: Stop the Erasure (2019–Present), formerly The African American Experience, is a project I began to study and raise awareness about the erasure of Black history in textbooks. Initially, Unforgotten was a series of line art illustrations depicting significant figures and events intended to become a timeline. I later pivoted and expanded the project, creating Stop the Erasure, an interactive map that provides information on lesser-known Black figures, events, and locations. The site will continue to be an ever-growing database, serving as an educational resource to all. Explore Stop the Erasure


Fist of Solidarity
Black Panthers
Shirley Chisholm
The Little Rock Nine with Daisy Bates
Brown v Board of Education
Barack Obama
Bayard Rustin
Malcolm X
Jesse Jackson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rosa Parks
Emmett Till
Trayvon Martin
SNCC logo
Selma-to-Montgomery march
Separate but Equal protest signs
NAACP logo
Civil War Soldiers
WWII Soldiers
WWI Soldiers
Slave Ship Brookes


Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Stop the Erasure demo